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The JESUS Film, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, was first released in 1979 and translated into over 1,100 languages. It has been viewed over 6 billion times worldwide. In 2012 a digital platform was introduced allowing people to access Jesus Film resources for free by using a smartphone, laptop, or other media device. 

Have you ever wanted to share your faith with someone, especially someone who did not speak English fluently, but didn’t feel adequately equipped with the tools to do so? It is the heart of Jesus Film Media, a ministry of the Jesus Film Project to offer tools that are easy to use and share with others. The Jesus Film media app provides access to all 1,100+ right from the convenience of a phone! In addition, Jesus Film Media is partnering with the popular Bible app, YouVersion to provide access from specific passages of Scripture to corresponding Jesus Film Media videos.

Earlier this year a lady named Bonnie was in Washington, DC when used the app to share Christ with others in a laundromat. She noticed that several people were just sitting around waiting for their laundry and asked if they would like to watch a movie while they waited. She then directed them to the Jesus Film app so that they could view the JESUS Film or The Story of Jesus for Children if they had kids in tow.

Bonnie said, “I have never been one to feel comfortable evangelizing. My lack of confidence in my abilities to do so has, at times, made me feel like I was disappointing my Lord. The new app from Jesus Film Media™ has made sharing the gospel possible for anyone, even me! I am thankful for it because the JESUS film explains who Jesus is and what He has done for mankind better than I could ever hope to do.”

When Bonnie went to laundromat that day five of the six people that she approached about watching the film were interested. Bonnie continued to explain, “…When I told the Spanish speakers that the movie was also in Spanish, their faces lit up! It was so SIMPLE! I did not have to explain the gospel; I only had to explain how to search for the app and download it—the film JESUS did the rest. On my way out, a woman smiled and said, “I am going to help my mother download this!”

So much about sharing our faith is simply about just being available. We encourage you to download the app to your smart phone today by going to the app store on your phone and searching for “Jesus Film Media”.

At Home:
Much has happened in the past month since arrived home from our summer in Colorado. We are back to fairly regular schedule that includes school for both Macey and Eden. We are very thankful that they are enjoying their classes, first grade for Macey and preschool two half days a week for Eden.

We have reengaged with ministry at the office as well as through our church. We appreciate your prayers for our neighborhood summer club a couple of weeks ago. We saw an average of 15 children attend each night and presented the gospel on the last evening. We appreciate your prayers for wisdom in how to further connect with the kids in our neighborhood and encourage them in their faith.

We so appreciate you and your love and support of us.
Please let us know how we can pray for you.

In Christ,
Andi, Scott, Macey “Big First Grader,” and Eden “Rocks the Pig Tails” Mitchell

Prayer Requests:
*For God to use the Jesus Film Media app to draw people to Himself
*For the kids in our neighborhood to walk with God
*For us to be open to God using us for His glory in all aspect of life: family, school, our neighborhood, etc.


MinistryNet 2011 Bangkok

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s official! We’re heading to Bangkok on Saturday even with the threat of flooding. Here are the reasons that we have decided to proceed with MinistryNet:

  1. The local Thai staff and crisis management team feel that our part of town is safe, and they have promised to take care of any needs that might arise while we are in Bangkok. They are truly amazing and want to bless us with Thai hospitality even in the middle of an enormous crisis for them. They still feel it is safe. And again, the head of the crisis management team and National Director live very close to our hotel location.
  2. It has not rained in Bangkok over the last 4 days, and water level still is down in our area.
  3. The hotel not only has food and water stockpiled, but should the hotel get flooded, they have said they will relocate us to another hotel an hour south of our location where there is no threat of flood. They have also agreed that if we suddenly needed to evacuate to the airport that they would bus us to the airport elevated train system, provided the water doesn’t reach over 50 cm (roughly 20 inches)
  4. Our leadership including our president have given us their blessing to go. They feel that the urgency of mission outweighs some of the risks of going as opposed to postponing until a later time. We all know that 4 months in the digital world is like 10 years in the face to face world.

So, like any international trip, there is a risk. However, we still feel the risk is acceptable at this point, and we do have a plan if things get more difficult than expected while we are there. We are not afraid to cancel at the last minute, if necessary. There is a high tide expected this weekend in Bangkok, and we will be monitoring that closely. However, if our hotel and surrounding area escapes any flooding during that high tide that will give us even more confidence that we should stay dry while we are in Bangkok.

Let us continue to be in prayer for the outcomes of our conference as well as for the victims of the flood. Please pray for those who have lost loved ones. At this point, all of our Thai staff members are accounted for, but some have lost their homes and property. During the conference we will be addressing ways of how we can help.

We consider Isaiah 43:1-7 as the Lord speaking to us for Ministrynet. It is amazing how the situation in Thailand right now has garnered more prayer for this conference than we ever could have imagined. We expected that some of our conferees might suddenly decide not to attend, but instead we are seeing more people sign up! I addition our Thai staff have requested inflatable rafts to help them in their outreach. We have purchased 7 of these rafts and will be transporting them as we go.

We appreciate your prayers for us the ~175 other people who are involved in MinistryNet and that the Lord uses our time together to further His kingdom!

Blessings to you,
Scott, Andi, Macey and Eden

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African Staff use Technology to Reach the World

We hope that things are well with you. We are back into the swing of things in Orlando with Macey in preschool and us being on more of a regular routine. She is loving Mrs. Becwar’s class!

In other news we are getting ready to go to Thailand at the end of October for a technology conference. Andi has been working on several things in preparation for our time there. Scott will be working with the technical aspects of running the conference once we’re in-country. Would you pray right now for our housing situation? The hotel needs to replace some beds and there is a concern that there might not be enough twins beds to meet our need. Thank you!

Please let us know how we can pray for you. We appreciate you!

Blessings to you,
Scott, Andi, Macey and Eden

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WordCamp San Francisco Conference

Several of us are attending the WordPress conference called WordCamp San Francisco.

Our  is currently hosting hundreds of websites.  We are continuing to make this website development tool easy to use and flexible for a wide variety of applications.  This conference is helping us to broaden our vision and skills.

One day of the conference was focused on large scale implementations. This was a good match for CCCI and what we are doing and our vision. Many websites using WordPress are solely content management systems.  CNN and New York Times obviously high content and at times has had over 1 million visits per day.  Some newspapers are using WP as their CMS and publishing from there to web and to print.

Google Apps

The Global Technology Office is currently working with a Google Sales Rep to learn more about Google Enterprise Solutions and its current (ever improving) features.  We have been using the Google Search Appliance for several years as well as Gmail for Business.  The U.S. Campus Ministry has also done some research in this area and has documented their findings.

Google Apps include tools such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Contacts.  For a business you can use your own domain name rather than

Contact us if you’d like to know more about this at

iPhone App from Campus Crusade for Christ

Here’s a tool to help you talk with others about Jesus.

An iPhone App from Campus Crusade for Christ includes “Knowing God Personally”, “4 Spiritual Laws”, “Satisfied”, a searchable database of and “A Dialogue in Images”.

GMO Real-time Activity Map

Watch real-time global map showing people online reading and responding to the gospel – – averaging 280,000 exposures per day.

MitchellMail – Mobile Learning

We hope that you are doing well. We are surviving the heat. Andi has an extra hot summer ahead of her as she will soon enter the 3rd trimester. This pregnancy is flying by!

We continue to enjoy our ministry. Scott is working on getting some of our tools translated into different languages. Andi has been heading up the hiring process for those working in childcare for our New Staff Training and Institute of Biblical Studies. Macey continues to keep everyone smiling.

We hope that you have an opportunity to check out our newsletter about an exciting project taking place in Scott’s office.

We appreciate you so much! Scott, Andi and Macey Mitchell

P.S. – We’d love to hear what’s been going on in your life and how we can be praying for you.

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