Global Ops Leaders at Parthenon


Scott attended the Global Operations Connection conference in Greece from September 25-30. This biennial meeting of Campus Crusade leaders of operations, which first assembled in 2006, is a time of collaboration, brainstorming, training and strategic planning geared towards accelerating the spread of the gospel. It has helped tremendously to expand the impact of our organization around the world. This year’s theme was “Called to Serve, Called to Lead.”

Vladamir and Erik (Global Ops Leader)

Vladamir and Erik (Global Ops Leader)


Scott and his Orlando team had the encouraging opportunity to meet Vladimir from Kyrgyzstan. He has the heart of an evangelist, a passion to share Jesus Christ with others. The exceptional thing is that Vladimir leads the national operations team, not a field ministry team. This is a team of accountants, tech experts, office managers and administrators. Their primary calling is to provide support systems for our field teams in Kyrgyzstan. At the same time they are also living out a ministry of evangelism and discipleship as a way of life.

Even more amazing is that Vladimir’s team serve in a country that is nearly 90% Muslim. They take the initiative to boldly share the love of Christ daily.  Vladimir shared with excitement about his teams evangelistic outreach. That week his operations team shared the gospel with more people than the students’ ministry team!

Scott’s Orlando team loves having the opportunity to take part in developing Campus Crusade leaders like Vladimir who are skilled at building operations capacity for the ministry, filled with the Holy Spirit and passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Temple of Apollo in Corinth


We are very thankful that Scott’s mom, Anita was able to stay with me while Scott was away. We are blessed to be in a good “rhythm” with daily life. I am looking forward to more involvement with mission trips in Jesus Film and am planning to continue training on a spring and a fall trip in 2015. At that point I will Lord willing be equipped to begin leading trips on my own.

We so appreciate your love and support of our family. Please let us know how we can pray for you.

In Christ,

Andi, Scott, Macey “I love 2nd grade” and Eden “Never leaves home without her princess crown” Mitchell


-For the gospel to go out through technology.
-For wisdom as we investigate a possible deficiency in growth hormone in Macey.  We see a recommended endocrinologist on November 7
-For us to live Spirit-filled and dependent lives daily.
-For opportunities to invite neighbors to church
-For continued good health for our family

Art of Marriage


We recently had the privilege of serving at an Art of Marriage event at our office. The Art of Marriage, produced by Family Life (a ministry of Cru), is a video event designed to take place over a weekend in a church, community or home setting. The six engaging video sessions are interspersed with projects for couples to complete to reinforce lessons. Topics covered included God’s design for marriage, the tendency to drift apart, marital roles, communication, romance, and leaving a legacy. Since its release in 2011, more than 400,000 have participated in The Art of Marriage video event and small-group series, with 97% saying they would recommend it to other couples.


This was held at our office and most in attendance were with Cru but a handful of guests also came as it was open to the public. We were blessed to have about 75 people in attendance. One person wrote,

“This event has encouraged me to continue growing. There were couples here that were married for over 50 years. It’s important to invest in your marriage, cause we can’t do it without God. Awesome resources by FamilyLife … thank you for caring for my marriage.”

Another conferee wrote,

“It provided a forum for my wife and I to discuss hard issues. I learned more about what she feels. Priceless!”

Another couple found the content challenging,

“…My wife and I are at a very difficult place so it was very painful to sit through several of the sessions and to be reminded how far we have to go to get to a place that is pleasant.”

In addition to the work that the Lord did in marriages, He also worked in the heart of one attendee who decided to make Christ his Lord and Savior.

Personally, God has been at work in Scott and my marriage. We have had multiple opportunities to trust God for growth as we have taken part in a few marriage focused-groups and training to become marriage mentors. We are humbled to be molded into the Lord’s image!

Macey and Eden are doing well. They enjoyed some extended time with my parents who visited last month. We enjoyed a trip to a farm where the girls had the opportunity to feed and hold animals. I think that the baby chicks were our favorite. Another weekend we went to the Florida State Fair and Eden pretended to be an ice cream truck driver. We so appreciate your love and support of our family. Please drop us a line to let us know how you are and how we can pray for you.

In Christ,
Andi & Scott, Macey “How-can-I-Possibly-Be-6-and-a-half?“, Eden “Wears-the-same-dress everyday” Mitchell


  • For those who attended the Art of Marriage to grow in their marriages
  • For our family to stay healthy (and lice-free!)
  • For us to continue to grow in our marriage and be intentional in pursuing our relationship
  • For continued prep for our mission trip

Tractor Trip


July 8, 2013

One of our Orlando coworkers, Scott Stroven, took a unique once-in-a-lifetime trip in the name of Christ in May.

Having grown up in a rural town outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan Scott Stroven worked on the farm and grew up with a love for tractors. After college God called Stroven on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. Twenty-nine years later he is still serving with Cru with our high school ministry.


About a year and a half ago while Stroven was in his hometown, his father decided to give him an antique tractor, a 1953 Farmall Super M. His dad then proceeded to tell Scott about a man named Dave who drove a tractor through all of the lower 48 states to raise to support for world relief. His dad then said, “That’s what you need to do- use the tractor to raise funds for Cru by driving it from Michigan to Orlando.” It was then that a dream was born.

Stroven started his trip in Western Michigan starting on May 5, 2013. He drove 80-100 miles each day at a rate of 18-20MPH. Throughout his trip he met with small groups of people to cast the vision for taking part in what God is doing in the lives of college students.





Stroven’s trip was not without challenges. His wagon was rear ended in Alabama, but thankfully no one was hurt. On May 29th his brother was in a serious accident in Michigan and passed away as a result. Scott Stroven left the tractor just 50 miles from Orlando where his wife picked him up so that they could drive their car to Michigan for the funeral. He was finally able to complete the trip on June 14 and was able to celebrate all that God did with our Orlando coworkers a few days later.

We are encouraged by Stroven’s passion and creativity to serve the Lord. It was a generous gift from the Lord that He provided a way for Scott to combine both his love for ministry and tractors in such a way that He could make an impact for eternity.


As a family, we have been enjoying spending time in Ft. Collins, Colorado. We left Orlando on May 31 and will be in Colorado until July 27 serving with Cru. Every other
summer Cru holds a series of trainings, classes, and conferences in Ft. Collins. Staff arrive at different points during the summer to participate in these different aspects of training and development. Scott is serving on the Office Services team (aka office manager) for the administrative group who is helping to facilitate those events.

Andi is serving on a summer project (summer missions opportunity for college students) with about 20 other staff. We have experienced a wonderful community as well as opportunities to grow as we study the Bible, do outreaches, socials, and other ministry work.

Macey and Eden are enjoying their days at a Cru-run day camp. They are also enjoying their time spending time with all of the kids who live nearby us in the student housing where we are living. We will write more about our summer experiences in our next letter.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to spend the summer in Colorado. Our time has provided a change of pace and meaningful opportunities to work with and coach college students, taking us back to the basis of the ministry’s roots. New relationships, growth, and encouragement are a wonderful part of this experience. It amazes us that we are so blessed to call this opportunity a part of our “day job” because it rarely feels like work. We can’t thank you enough for prayers and support in the Lord’s work. Please let us know how we can pray for you.

In Christ,

Andi, Scott, Macey “Social Butterfly,” and Eden
“Addicted to Chocolate Milk” Mitchell

*For God to produce growth in us this summer
*For the college students on Andi’s summer project to grow in their faith this summer and for a lifetime
*For our staff conference with 4,000+ staff attending July 14-21
*For our time with Andi’s parents in Colorado in July

Big Break 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that you are well. We have experienced a few health challenges recently, but are doing better now. The weather has been quite delightful lately, which we’ve been thankful for b/c usually are over a month into the scorching temperatures of summer!

We have been keeping busy with ministry and life and enjoy where God has us now. Our schedule will soon change for the summer at the end of the month. Macey will culminate her year of preschool with a graduation ceremony at the end of May. Andi will change gears to help out with our summer internship program. We are expecting 21 students to arrive in June. The program has a special place in our hearts, as it’s where we first met 11 years ago! Scott will continue in his regular office role in the Global Technology Office.  We also plan to host a Backyard Summer Club (similar to VBS, but smaller) in August for our neighborhood. Macey is currently signed up for two local Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs. Eden will just continue being cute:-)

We are so thankful for your love and support of our family. Please drop us a line to let us know how you are doing and we can pray for you.

Blessings to you,
Scott, Andi, Macey and Eden
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Preview Weekend

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that you are well. We are enjoying the more mild temperatures. We will likely start summer here next month! Preview Weekend recently took place at our  headquarters and we hope that you have an opportunity to read about in our newsletter.

We are so thankful for you. Please let us know how we can pray for you.

Blessings to you,
Scott, Andi, Macey and Eden

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MinistryNet2011 Bangkok – Update

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a great trip to Bangkok and have been back for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we have been battling sickness since we’ve been back— we’ve all had the flu plus Eden with the croup and an ear infection. We hoping we’re over everything. Please pray for our health?

We are thankful to be back home now to enjoy the cooler temperatures and holiday cheer.

Please let us know how we can pray for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings to you,
Scott, Andi, Macey and Eden

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MinistryNet 2011 Bangkok

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s official! We’re heading to Bangkok on Saturday even with the threat of flooding. Here are the reasons that we have decided to proceed with MinistryNet:

  1. The local Thai staff and crisis management team feel that our part of town is safe, and they have promised to take care of any needs that might arise while we are in Bangkok. They are truly amazing and want to bless us with Thai hospitality even in the middle of an enormous crisis for them. They still feel it is safe. And again, the head of the crisis management team and National Director live very close to our hotel location.
  2. It has not rained in Bangkok over the last 4 days, and water level still is down in our area.
  3. The hotel not only has food and water stockpiled, but should the hotel get flooded, they have said they will relocate us to another hotel an hour south of our location where there is no threat of flood. They have also agreed that if we suddenly needed to evacuate to the airport that they would bus us to the airport elevated train system, provided the water doesn’t reach over 50 cm (roughly 20 inches)
  4. Our leadership including our president have given us their blessing to go. They feel that the urgency of mission outweighs some of the risks of going as opposed to postponing until a later time. We all know that 4 months in the digital world is like 10 years in the face to face world.

So, like any international trip, there is a risk. However, we still feel the risk is acceptable at this point, and we do have a plan if things get more difficult than expected while we are there. We are not afraid to cancel at the last minute, if necessary. There is a high tide expected this weekend in Bangkok, and we will be monitoring that closely. However, if our hotel and surrounding area escapes any flooding during that high tide that will give us even more confidence that we should stay dry while we are in Bangkok.

Let us continue to be in prayer for the outcomes of our conference as well as for the victims of the flood. Please pray for those who have lost loved ones. At this point, all of our Thai staff members are accounted for, but some have lost their homes and property. During the conference we will be addressing ways of how we can help.

We consider Isaiah 43:1-7 as the Lord speaking to us for Ministrynet. It is amazing how the situation in Thailand right now has garnered more prayer for this conference than we ever could have imagined. We expected that some of our conferees might suddenly decide not to attend, but instead we are seeing more people sign up! I addition our Thai staff have requested inflatable rafts to help them in their outreach. We have purchased 7 of these rafts and will be transporting them as we go.

We appreciate your prayers for us the ~175 other people who are involved in MinistryNet and that the Lord uses our time together to further His kingdom!

Blessings to you,
Scott, Andi, Macey and Eden

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